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Welcome to the MI5 home page.  We hope that you find it informative, relevant and above all fun.

In a bid to give this organisation a more friendly image, the British Government has decided that we should adopt a more open approach to the public we most humbly serve.

MI5 exists to protect the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from subterfuge, terrorism, subversion and all other forms of badness and evil.  To achieve its objectives, its agents are able to call upon a vast array of resources, contacts, gyms and jacuzzis all over the world.

The past decade has seen an enormous shift in the direction of global politics, that has in turn caused a radical reassessment of MI5's goals and operational behaviour.  This reassessment is now complete, and we've decided to carry on doing things exactly the same way as we did before.

We hope that these pages will give you some insight into the vigorous work done by MI5 to keep Britain in its rightful place as the seventeenth most powerful nation on Earth.

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